Some reasons to join Innorocket

Q?Why an open innovation based platform will benefit my company?

Open innovation facilitates the completion of the R & D process in companies, improving the inputs of knowledge and technology to the value chain of the company.

Reception of multiple solutions, proposed by various high-qualified specialists, ensures that your projects will gain in quality and competitiveness.

Q?I need collaborators that will bring me solutions. How can I avoid offers I’m not looking for?

The aim of Innorocket is clear: to facilitate collaboration among companies esclusively for product innovation and manufacturing purposes.

Our goal is not being an advertisement channel. That’s why collaborators will only offer solutions for specific needs that have been posted in Innorocket.

Q?What kind of companies –and from which sectors– may I find at Innorocket?

Innorocket wants to focus on manufacturing companies. The main sector represented is metal, but as an open innovation platform, other sectors such as plastic, rubber, electronics, or technical textile, among others, also need to take an important role in Innorocket. Thus, Innorocket meets the needs of innovation and manufacturing companies related to the automotive, robotics, manufacturing machinery and consumer goods, etc.

This transversality also applies to the organization type: Innorocket users belong to a wide range of organizational structures: SMEs, technical or purchasing departments from multinational corporations, technology and research centers, spin-offs, start-ups, or even freelance professionals.

Q?Will I reduce costs and time in my projects by using Innorocket?

Yes. Innorocket is a working tool for creating and managing your projects. It helps you generate a new base of collaborators / suppliers, making it easier for you to negotiate with your regular providers. Innorocket is a helpful tool to coordinate the various stages of your project, making it easier to improve the timings.

See here a graphical representation of the benefits in purchasing, procurement and supply.

Q?¿How is confidentiality of projects preserved?

Projects that are published appear as anonymous. Collaborators or solvers who apply for a project will not know what company or user has posted it until they are being contacted off-line in case their solution has been selected.

Regarding projects, the user posting a project decides what information is public and what is not. The degree of detail is the user’s choice.

Q?As a collaborator or solver may I give many solutions to the same need or request?

Yes. In case the solutions are very different, we recommend you to create a proposal for each solution. In case they are similar, you may mention about that in one only proposal of solution, and then add information or details when the client contacts you.

Q?May I send solutions to different needs from the same project?

Yes. When reading a project’s file, you will actually see a specific need (belonging to a specific stage of the project). You will then have the chance to create a proposal of solution or see the other needs (or stages) requested for that same project. We recommend you to check out all the needs requested, as you may apply for many of them. Click on the need you want to apply to on the chart and create the proposal. You can also send the need to a colleague.

Q?What if I want to apply for a project or need but there’s a small part I am not a specialist in?

We recommend you to apply to it anyway. If you lack of some expertise to respond to a question you can create a new project demanding that partial solution. Once you get the solution, send your own proposal. Just be aware of the timing!

Q?May I test the platform and then change the subscription Plan?

You have the choice of using the platform for free to see how it works. Once you want to contact to a solver you’ll need to upgrade your Plan. You may choose from different Plans.

Check here the different Plans available.